Oil Blending and Automation Software

Blendsoft Pro – Blending and Automation Software is windows-based application to automate the Oil kettles blending and discharging the oil process by assign the target weight with kettle no., weigh the truck and control the blending with specific temperature through DCS for ten set of oil mixing kettles. The system is designed to accommodate the oil weighing processes using weight indicator in Static mode of environment.

This system can receive temperature reading, individual kettles mixing time, discharging volume, etc from and to DCS to enable the mixing process. This system can manage regular weighment, volume control, data storage and printing weighment certificate for each barrels. In addition to weighment, system also accommodates report generation like purpose, bay no., material, barrel number, kettle and storage tank wise reports.

Blendsoft Pro has the data section to reprint the slip, modify the transaction, close pending transaction, upload to server, back up database, delete data, recover database, data searching and file transfer.

Technical Features
• Recipe management
• Monitoring Temperature of all Storage Tanks
• Controlling Pumps which are placed at Storage Tanks
• Controlling Valves which are at Storage Tanks
• Controlling Pumps which are placed at before Kettles
• Controlling Valves which are placed at Kettles
• Controlling Pumps which are placed at after Kettles
• Monitoring the Weights of all Kettles
• Reports Management
• Data Management
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