Fabric Inspection Software

Fabric Inspection Software (FINSoft) is application software for inward the roll of fabric, inspect & detect the defects of the fabric and dispatch the fabric to sales or cutting in the field of Cotton, Spin Mills, Textiles and Garments.

It can be used for 4 point, 10 point, Graniteville "78", Zero defect inspection methods. FINSoft can generates the 4 point, 10 point, Graniteville "78", Zero defect inspection reports, It also generate the Roll number, Fabric Description, GRN number, Buyer, Suppliers, Invoice number, Lot number, Color wise, Style, date, shifts, weighbridges and operator wise reports. FINSoft manages the master data for Defects, Inwards, Fabric Articles, Color, Style, Buyer, suppliers, resources, machines, shifts, user master with privileges.

Aspects Integrations Technical Features
Improve product quality Customize User fields Multi Users privilege for software
Minimize waste Controller, Encoder with Wheel 32 Defects are reflects in the report
Reduce the cost Weight Indicator Indicator via RS232/USB/Ethernet
Avoid short shipment PLC to Signal Light & Hooter Internal storage of inspection data
Avoid Order cancellation CCTV/Web Camera for image Managing customer credit limit
Increase productivity RFID/Smart Card Settings Data in Text/CSV/XML file for SAP
Transactions Barcode or QR Code Settings Customization of Slips/Report Format
Inwards the Fabrics SMS Modem for SMS sending All in One solution for Fabric machine
Roll Fabric Inspection SMTP & FTP for Email sending Easy to use even behind firm walls
Monitoring and Dispatching Text or XML or CSV file Settings Simple to install and use
Zero Defect Inspection Price and Unit Settings Much morethan competitively priced
4 point or 10 point Inspection Privilege Settings Data from Machine To Cloud
Inspection Reports
• 4 point inspection report
• 10 point report
• Dallas inspection report
• Graniteville "78"
• Zero defect inspection report
• Inspection detailed report
• Actual farbic length
• Fabric actual width
• Fabric cuttable width
• Point/100 square meter
• Roll wise results pass / fail