Rail Inmotion Weighing Software

Rail Inmotion Weighing Software – RIMSoft is advanced Inmotion weighing software for rail weighbridges in the field of Mining, Logistics, Industrial Plants, Ports and Railways. This software can be used in all type of wagon rail weighbridge, bogie rail weighbridge and axle rail weighbridges. It can transfer data to FOIS server in online and offline mode.

This system can manage regular weighment of all type of wagons, data storage and printing weighment slip. In addition to weighment, system also generates first, date, shifts, rake no. wise and summary reports. RIMSoft having the features of data managements like Predefine wagons, Merging data, modify transaction of wagon no. / Tare / CC / PCC, reprint slip and data upload.

Technical Features
• Wagon, Bogie, Axle, Wheel Weighing
• Ladle and Torpedo Weighing
• Measures Wagon / Bogie / Axle Weight, Speed and Gross Weight
• Under load / Overload Detection based on Carrying Capacity and Gross
• Data store and print Report as per RDSO specification
• Weighment Data to FOIS or Server database
• Report generation with all date, period, shift and summary report etc.
• Predefine Rake Details
• Merging weighment data
• Modify Weighment data (except Gross)
• Connect to any Weight Indicator using RS232/USB/Ethernet
• Real Time data acquisition
• Support with Anti Roll Back system
• Over speed warning using Hooter and PLC
• Over speed lamp using LED and PLC